Human life is impossible without water and yet a large part of the population in the world does not have access to clean water. Common problems with the RO machines: RO has stopped working completely if your RO is not responding when you switch it on, first check the main power supply. Once you have made sure that the power supply is connected. Check if the lights of the machine are turning on. If yes, then you must avail water purifier repair services since one of the filters or membranes inside the RO machine might be compressed or clogged preventing the machine from dispensing water. The professionals will check where the fault is and then repair the machine.

Water flow is slow: if you notice that the water flow from your RO is slower than usual then you first need to check the water supply then slow water flow can be an indication of a chocked filter or high TDS levels in the water supply. If the TDS level is high, like in the rainy season, then you will have to wait for it to come to normal level to see the water flow from the RO machine improve. If the TDS levels are fine then it indicates that the filter needs to be replaced. (TDS stands for total dissolved solids and is an indicator of the purity of water)

Common problem RO system